Sunday, November 17, 2013

Professional Training: COMORBID ADHD AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE by Ari Tuckman

Attendee Testimonials:

"I'm sure we've all been to our fair share of trainings, and we know that they are a mixed bag. Some are amazing, and some are snoozers. I often find myself wondering before a training which type it will be.

On Monday, I attended the ADHD and Substance Abuse training by Dr. Ari Tuckman at SAFE. Dr. Tuckman's presentation was pure gold - clear, concise, ever practical, witty, and engaging. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by this training, and by the ongoing series of trainings co-organized by SAFE and Nefesh (this is my third one). They have been selecting world-class presenters time after time. It really is impressive.

I look forward to participating in another SAFE/Nefesh training sometime soon!" -an attendee

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